Maps of Willow Cemetery in Oregon, Lucas County, Ohio, USA.

On the Oregon burials search screen to find a burial plot, the section, lot and grave numbers are written in a shorthand text format - e.g. "SOUTH-12-2" text means "section SOUTH, lot 12, grave 2". Some of our maps of the larger lots of the section SINGLE, we use the term "areas" to allow a zoomed in detail map to allow the grave numbers to be readable on the map. These areas are for map pages only and are not referred to on the Oregon City search screen results - just refer to the lot & grave number and find the appropriate section SINGLE map.
[Please note that the records on the Oregon City cemetery search start at ~1895, so for earlier records see Find-a-Grave, which may have a memorial record from other sources. Also, you can search on the LCCHA Excel list by doing a filter to find a burial.]

If anyone finds an error in any of these maps, please send an Email to: lccemetery{atsign}bex.net , or visit our website.

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Overview Map of Willow Cemetery, showing all sections

Purchased family lots

Section A map
Section B map
Section C map ---area north--- --- area south---
Section NORTH map
Section MIDDLE map
Section SOUTH maps ---west area ---middle area--- ---east area---
Section DPP
Section E map
Section G map
Section GAR map (see small area in road)
Section GAR-north map (within section North)
Section H map
Section I map

Single Graves

Section SINGLE overall (showing lots and areas and grave number ranges, )
Section SINGLE-ADULT maps --- area I east --- --- area I west --- --- area II --- --- area III --- --- area IV --- --- area V --- --- area VI north --- --- area VI south ---
Section SINGLE-B map
Section SINGLE-C maps ---area 1--- ---area 2 --- ---area 3 --- ---area 4 --- ---area 5 ---
Section SINGLE-D map
Section SINGLE-F map
Section SINGLE-INFANT maps ---area 1--- ---area 2 --- ---area 3 --- ---area 4--- ---area 5 east--- ---area 5 west---
Section SINGLE-M map
Section SINGLE-SG map {see shaded green area}

Mausoleum maps to crypts inside of the building

Section MAUS-NORTH map
Section MAUS-MIDDLE map
Section MAUS-SOUTH map


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